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When I made an appointment for a sitting with Susan I was not sure what to expect.  I had been to mediums before, and although they were good, Susan was very different.


I suppose you could say that my need for a sitting was different to that of most people.  I was not in any great need of contact from friends and relatives on the other side.  My reason was to try and find out about my own spiritual path.  From a young age I had been aware that I often experienced ‘psychic episodes’ and as an adult had been told by different mediums that I also have clairvoyant abilities.  Although I knew I wanted to use my abilities, I was not sure what I was doing and if I would ever be good enough to help others.  I needed clarification and this was my reason for visiting Susan.  


I am aware that we all have spirit guides and often talk to mine.  Before leaving for my appointment, I spoke to my guide very clearly and asked him to pass on any messages to Susan, that concerned my spiritual development.  I did not know how this would work, as I was sure that Susan was expecting someone who wanted messages from friends of loved ones. However, when I arrived on that Friday evening, nothing could have prepared me for the skill and accuracy with which Susan was able to conduct the sitting. The way in which she communicated so fast and effectively with spirit was breathtaking.


The first thing she said to me was that her guide, Michael was saying that someone I knew well had also been there for a sitting.  Although this could have been possible, I did not live locally so this did not make sense to me.  However, Susan seemed adamant and gave the impression that it was someone that I knew quite well.  At the time I could not make sense of this so just accepted what she said and put it to the back on my mind.  Susan went on to tell me that something quite unusual had happened.  She could see my spirit guide standing beside me and that he was telling her that I knew when spirit were around. Right away he was able to confirm that I had psychic and clairvoyant abilities.  She also correctly said that I had been told this on a number of occasions before.  She told me that my guide was saying that if I did not pay attention this time, I would get a clip round the ear! I was absolutely blown away, not only by the accuracy, but also by the fact that Susan had gone straight to my reason for the sitting.


She told me that I had been woken at 2.00 a.m. by my guide while I was sleeping.  This was spot on as I had, on more than one occasion, been woken by a strange presence at 2.00 a.m. but did not know who it was.  She went on to give me much advice from my guide, which has really helped me to gain a greater understanding of my spiritual path.  She was also able to tell me of things that my guide said he would do in the near future to let me know he was around.  She asked him to come to me in a dream and also told me that he would pull the shower cord in the bathroom and wake me when I was asleep.  The night of the sitting I went to bed and at about 5.00 a.m. was disturbed by a very distinctive husky voice calling my name – I knew at once this was my guide.  Also a few nights later I had a shower and went to bed.  Although I turned the shower off, I forgot to pull the cord and turn off the red light.  Not long after I drifted off to sleep, I was woken by the click of the cord and when I checked in the morning the light was off!!


The day after the sitting I phoned one of my best friends excitedly with my news from the sitting.  As I was giving her all the details, she suddenly realised that she had been to see Susan a few years ago.  This must have been the person Susan was talking about.  I would never have guessed, as this friend of mine lives quite some distance away, and I would have thought she would have looked for a medium more local to herself.


During the sitting Susan went on to tell me so many other detailed things about my friends and family that she could not possibly have known.  She gave me a message from my aunt who had recently passed away.  She described in detail her illness and where it was in her body and the effect it had on her.  She also told me about a shell necklace that my aunt was showing me and asked if my mum would know.  A few days after the sitting, I asked my mum about the necklace and she knew nothing, but decided to follow it up.  She telephoned another family member and asked about this necklace.  I can’t repeat what they said, but let’s just say that they were so shocked to hear my mum speak about this necklace.  Apparently this shell necklace had been made by my Aunt and won second prize in a competition.  Susan also gave me a message from my dad who passed away some years ago.  She told me that he was showing her some burnt food, which she said looked like chicken but she could not be sure as it was so burnt.  She knew that this burnt food had something to do with me.  At the time I could not remember, but later it all made sense.  When I was quite young and my mum was working, she sometimes used to leave me to reheat the dinner.  One night I forgot that I had put the dinner on and only remembered when I smelt it burning.  Well my dad was furious and I had to make him sandwiches for his dinner.  It was nice to think that from the spirit world, my dad seemed to be referring to this with humour!!!


Susan even accurately described things that had been going on in my household.  She spoke of trouble with a little boy at school. That same week we had been having problems with our little boy who had just started pre-school and was finding it hard to settle.  She told me that spirit had shown a red fire van and asked if anyone in the family had one or worked for the fire service.  It just so happened that my partner had seriously been considering joining the Fire Service and we had been talking about it only a few days previously!  


There were so many things that Susan described so accurately that I simply cannot name them all.  The only thing left to say is that I already knew that the spirit world existed, and yet Susan was able to give me so much from that one sitting.  I cannot begin to image the effect she must have when visited by people who are grieving and looking for proof that their loved ones exist safely on the Spirit plane.


I found Susan to be a wonderful warm person and a very gifted medium.  I am sure that through her work she has touched the lives of many people and feel certain she will continue to do so.


Jo Ann Nilssen


My name is Mary Dawson, last October you saw my Mum and gave her a reading.  What you gave her was mainly about me and it was frighteningly accurate. You described the problems I and my children have with their father, you talked about my being registered blind and the most mind-blowing of all, you described to her exactly the medical condition that had confined me to a wheelchair for two years.


You said that the condition was not permanent and that I would be walking again in around 6 months. I was taken into hospital in January and I walked out in February.


I have always been a spiritual person, and I have a strong belief in Christ; but until I heard the tape of the reading and then walked out of hospital five or six months later, I must admit, I was a bit sceptical of this side of it - not anymore!


I would like to thank you for Mum's reading, it really helped both of us a lot, it's very comforting to know that they're not really gone. You have got a real gift!


Thank you & God bless


Mary Dawson


I had been to see many different mediums over the years but my first sitting of many with Susan was the most memorable and by far the best sitting I have ever encountered.

I lost my dad when I was sixteen, at the time of my sitting he had been gone for five years. Spirit told Susan every personal effect which was placed in my Dads coffin.  No one except me and my close family knew what was placed along side of my Dad.

She told me personal things which, again, only I knew about.  She told me how I used to run to his grave and what I used to say I was totally gob- smacked, it was absolutely phenomenal!

Susan continued and told me lots more, it made me feel closer to Dad.  It gave me more of an understanding of life after death, that although Dad is not with me in body, he is in Spirit.  I talk to him all of the time knowing that he is able to listen to me and he is always close by watching over me.

My sittings with Susan give me peace of mind, it is not that I want to know my future or to change it, it’s just sometimes when I’m feeling alone words from my Dad give me hope.


Donna, Stevenage


I was sceptical before going to see Susan as I had had a couple of experiences of people claiming to be mediums who in my opinion were fake.

A friend of mine had been to see Susan previously and was very impressed.  I had been having strong feelings of my Dads presence around me and he had been dead for a couple of years.  I had thought for a while about going for a reading.  So when I heard this recommendation I thought I would make an appointment to see her straight away.

Susan only lived ten minutes away from me, so was quite local.  On the morning of my sitting I found one of my rubbish bags in the garden being ripped apart by a cat, which made me annoyed as I had to clear it all up.

When I went for my sitting in the afternoon I parked the car and as I got out noticed a ginger tomcat on a wall.  I remember thinking “I hate bloody cats!” because of having to clear up after the one this morning.

I knocked the door at Susan’s house, a bit unsure of what to expect.  Susan was warm and welcoming and asked me to sit down on the sofa and if I would like a cup of tea.  As she walked out of the room she suddenly stopped and seemed to be looking at someone else.  She turned to me and said “Are you allergic to cats?”

I said “No.”

Susan replied “My guide just said I should take my cat out of the room with me.”

I thought to myself, “Oh God, her guide must know what I said to myself outside.”

Once the reading started Susan got my Dad in straight away.  Dad told Susan a number of things I could relate to and I had no doubt my Dad was in the room with us.  Dad went on to talk about how I will become self-employed, I was told I would get a phone call from a friend late at night, and that this friend would tell me to give up my job the next day.  I said “I have never thought of self-employment, I can’t see it as I have a well paid job with good holidays.”

Susan just said “Well it is going to happen but don’t worry about it, it will be fine, you don’t have to do what they say if you don’t want to, it’s up to you.  But Dad says it will be a struggle at first but it will be good for you.”

Susan went on to tell me I had two “Spirit Children” hanging around me.  A boy and a girl, both older than my son.  She said the girl has been trying to get my attention and wants to do something to let me know she is with me.  I then felt pressure bearing down on my knees but could see nothing, and suddenly I had my backside pushed up with such a force it made me stand up quickly and just as abruptly sit down again.  Whilst I was trying to work out what was happening to me Susan, still sitting in the chair opposite, was creased up laughter.  Then she said “There you go, is that proof enough for you!”

Something else that Susan told me helped me to understand what Dad had said to me a few weeks before he died.

 I had gone to visit Dad, who was by this time bedridden.  He told me he had met a man who had taken him home to all his family, and he had been so happy to see his loved ones.  But then the man said “It’s not your time yet, I have to take you back, but I will be there at the right time.”

Through Susan Dad said  “The man I told you about did come to get me as he promised.  He helped me understand that I had passed over and was with my family.”

I never mentioned to a soul the conversation I had with Dad before he died, so I was in absolutely no doubt that it was Dad talking to me.

Once the reading was over and I left Susan’s house I realised that this experience had helped clarify things for me it “crossed the “t’s” and dotted the “i’s”.  It really helped take the heartache away.  It felt good to know Dad was in a better place. I now know he is only a thought away and is always by my side whenever I need him.




Susan is a special kind of person that will take the time to not only deliver the message you need to hear or the proof you are looking for –but she really cares. Susan (and Michael, her main Spirit Guide) have helped me through the hardest period of my life. Susan has gone out of her way to give me her time and send healing and protection to me when I was at one the most vulnerable times of my life. I can hand on heart say; she and Michael have helped me want to live again.  Her messages are always sincere, accurate and relevant to me (even if I don’t always want to listen!). She has given up so much time to me, always checking I’m ok. (and no she hasn’t charged), Anyone looking for evidence  – call Susan.


Sophie, Hertfordshire.


Susan is not only a very gifted medium, but a very kind, compassionate and humble person. Susan will not mess around with pump and ceremony but will give you a direct, loving message – not always what you want to hear, but always what you need to hear! Her life experience means she is very sympathetic and able to relate to your feelings, which makes her a very down-to-earth special person! Like many mediums she doesn’t like to charge for her messages – I say we pay for her time, not the messages, which makes here feel a little more comfortable about things, that’s the only thing I’d change about Susan – she shouldn’t feel guilty, that’s just how things are here in the ‘real world’


Jenny, Hertfordshire


What makes a good medium?

Someone who is direct, kind & humble

Someone who will explain clearly and answer your questions

Someone who is not going to scare you or show-off (there is a lot of that out there!)

Someone who is guided, protected and has real experience

Someone who is a real person – just like you

…. Susan Bond is that someone, you can trust that she is the real thing    


Courtenay, Hertfordshire


I have long believed in spiritualism and life-after death, so I was not looking for a medium to provide that proof – but someone that would help me remain open to my spiritual life. Susan Bond is an accurate, descriptive medium who gives clear messages with compassion, sensitivity and discretion. Susan messages have been of great help to me, professionally and personally. Her messages have provided guidance that has enabled me to make more informed choices. –To be clear Susan is not a ‘fortune teller’ but provides the link from my spirit family and teachers that I believe are still very much a part of my life. Her messages are relevant to ‘real life’ and are of great comfort and value to me.  


Hannah, New York.


Susan’s message always amaze those that are looking for proof, I have recommended her to several of my friends and they are ALWAYS surprised by the personal, pertinent and unquestionable evidence in the messages - proof of life after ‘death’. Susan is a real, trained and sincere medium.  


Mary, Hertfordshire


I originally contacted Sue for relationship advice and I am glad I did.

Sue, with her main spirit guide Michael, gave enough validation of my life

and my relationship that any doubt this was not spirit contact soon

vanished. The messages were accurate, direct and said with compassion. As

a consequence, I felt the spirit world through Sue, helped to clarify

decisions, gave me reassurance and helped me understand more of why life

was the way it was for me at that difficult time.


I was also interested in training to a medium, having had spirit contact

in the past. I was amazed when the first comment Sue said to me was, "you

should be training to be a medium... and I don't say that to everyone".

With Sue's careful spirit guidance I am continuing to develop along my

spiritual path with confidence and with knowledge that I am learning from

a truly gifted medium in Sue.


Ken Boyter, Hertford