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Susan's Inspirational Healing Flat Stones

These stones have all be cleansed and have Susan's & Micheal's (Susan's main Guide) engery on them and are just £3.95 each or 2 for £7.00: 3 for £10.00: 4 for £12.00 (Any combination)


The Flat stones are approamately 6-8 mm thick and average between 35 mm & 45 mm in width and average between 20-25 grams. The stones can vary slightly in shape and colour. All stones come in an Organza bag.





Jade is a lovely crystal, it increases love and nurturing, it is a positive stone and brings

harmony and keeps you from harm.

Jade attracts good luck and friendship.

Placed on forehead it will bring insightful dreams from spirit, it is also a cleansing stone.



                                     Carnelian: £3.95 each









Amethyst: £3.95 each


Amethyst helps heals physical ailments and emotional issues. It helps with nightmares

insomnia the nervous system and balancing the Crown chakra.


It is associated with the month of February the month that was dedicated to the water

God Neptune by the Romans. It is a crystal of faithful love and healing.















How to Buy Your Inspirational Healing Stone:


Email your order to stating the quantity and type of stone you desire, you will be sent a PayPal request (even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay by credit card on the request) for the amount.


Postage will be charged at £1.00 per order.

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Carnelian invites abundance into your life and home, it is full of life force and vitality helps heal                                                               the lower back, arthritis, depression, it is very good for bones and ligaments.


Just place the crystal on the skin/area where you have discomfort or pain.

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Rose Quartz: £3.95 each


Rose Quartz is a powerful harmoniser of the body, its properties work together to get us back in tune with love.


It will help remove emotional wounds, if you place a piece of rose quartz in every room of your house it will bring in the graceful love energy to your home helping it be a peaceful, calm home to live in.


The main healing property of rose quartz is unconditional love.

It will help you forgive and understand with a different perspective.