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Increases Calmness, Love, Honesty, & Kindness, Inner peace, Truth, Emotional depth & devotion.


Dark blue symbolizes self -worth and intellect.


A brighter blue will harmonise with vitality and freshness. Sky blue is the colour of spiritual quests and peace.


Stimulates intuition, universal flow, and Imagination, Meditation and Artistic qualities.


This is my favourite colour and a sign to me for healing of the mind, body and spirit.


Violet is a sign of deep awareness and fulfilment in conversing with spirit.


Indigo is a colour of intuition, and a sign of the inner mind and consciousness.


It will help with clarity of mind.


Harmony, Nature, Love, Communication, Supports balance + Acceptance.


Green is a sign of nature, youth, vitality, well-being and good luck.


Creativity, Personal Power, Humour, Intellect, Lightness and Logic.


Yellow is a happy colour and helps us to be carefree; it gives us hope and optimism, also power, courage, and confidence.


Enthusiasm, Optimism, Emotional expression, Stimulates creativity + Productivity.


Orange is an enthusiastic and warm colour and increases harmony, affection and abundance.


The colour meaning of gold is of prosperity and strength.


Gold has the energy of the sun and the lion with confidence and courage, empires and reigns of power.


Vitality, Increase physical energy, Stamina, Stability, Passion, Spontaneity + Grounding.


Red is an energetic colour and has a variety of meanings from passion to anger; it has a vibrant energy of all things powerful and passionate.


Love, tenderness, femininity and springtime.


Pink is symbolic of sweetness and to bring softness in to your life.


This colour is a symbol of money along with gold it represents wealth, also intuition and imagination


White is a symbol of purity, peace faith, and humility.


It cleanses mind body and spirit.


Grey helps you see possibilities.


It shows self-worth and respect.


This is the colour of earth and organic matter and represents new seeds of life.


You can use this colour to ground yourself.


This is the symbol of the unknown.


It is also a ceremonial colour that can symbolise power, allure, and mystery.

Spiritual Meaning of Colours