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I know a lot of good healers but wanted to let everyone have the

contact details of the healer that I have had first-hand experience

with, not only is he a good medium but a brilliant healer that

worked wonders for Misty my beautiful Yorkshire terrier, when she had to have major surgery, anyone that knows me, knows that my dogs are like my children.


Misty had to have her ear drums and canals removed after two years of infections!


The specialist vet had told us that there were three major things that could go badly wrong, when having this operation.


The vet stated that if she survived the operation she would be 100% deaf.


I asked JK to give her healing and he did so whilst she was in theatre having the operation.


He gave her healing for the whole four and a half hours that she was in the theatre, and the operation went smoothly with none of the complications that were talked about, thankfully!


Misty had to attend a three with post op check-up and in the week leading up to this appointment we notice that she could hear us. Which we consider a miracle!


So when were went to the appointment I told the vet that she could hear and he said that it was probably the vibration of us talking that she could feel. I asked him to call her and she heard him and he was surprised by this, so I told him that she had been given healing through the operation and we know that works.


So this is why I would recommend him to give spiritual healing to any person/animal that needs it, and as you probably know spiritual healing can heal mind, body and spirit!



His web site address is


This website is new, but I wanted to share the details ASAP. He has worked with spirit all his life, but now he is focusing on his healing practice, thank god and spirit !


I hope that you do not need healing but he is a good contact to know if you, your family or pets do.


Thanks Susan x

John Bus Card