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Both Worlds

Living Everyday with the Dead

Both Worlds

At last I have finished my first book ‘Both Worlds’ it is based on the true story of my life, which started in 1959.  Since the mid 1990's I have been writing, in rough, my life story.  I have all the stories for Both Worlds 1 + 2 in a folder, and 2/3 years ago my sister Barbara kindly offered to work with me to put my stories into book form.  Over the next year we got together 7/8 times for a couple of days at a time and did just that. I am very grateful to Barbara for her help.


You can order it from, Waterstones and WH Smiths, but people have to request it from these stores for them to order stock in.

 Both Worlds

 'Living Everyday withe Dead'


Available for Purchase from

24th November 2011

RRP £7.99

Both Worlds- is now on Kindle & can be purchased from




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Both Worlds £7.99

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Both Worlds £7.99

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