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Transform Healing Therapy (THT) - with Valerie Delffori


THT is a new form of healing therapy, which takes you on a 'soul journey', with a view to healing energetic wounds that lie undetected within us. Created by Valerie Delffori, the system was channeled to her by her guide Siri.  Using the system he showed her in trance, she began working with her clients and the results were remarkable.  


After just 3 - 4 sessions, clients had broken ancient, ancestral and karmic energy ties that had been holding them back for many lifetimes, leaving them with a new sense of freedom and power.


Work such as Soul Retrieval, Past Life healing, Cord Cutting and entity release are just some of the energies clients can work through during a session.


As well as this, working with Valerie, clients then break old soul contracts and agreements, including vows, which can powerfully affect us even though they may have been made many lifetimes ago. This leaves the client clear to create new, positive programs, which will help them to break old habits and behaviours.


THT therapy is gentle, non-invasive and done with the clients full awareness.  Even though the client is in an altered and very relaxed state, they are always in full control and there is never any kind of suggestion (as used in hypnotherapy) during a session.


Email:   Phone: 07739 581486

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