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Mind Revolution: Connecting the DOTS  


by M.I. Dugast Ph.D.


MIND REVOLUTION: Connecting the DOTS is about You. It is about living your most outstanding life, accessing and sharing your unique gifts, while remaining centered, powerful and resourceful. Although the two steps offered by the author reflect the essence of Science and Spirituality, they are simple, highly practical and can be adapted to your fast and busy life.


Connecting your own DOTS will allow you to move past personal, long-term limitations that have caused you pain and fear. Once you know how to transform any ‘roadblock’ into a ‘doorway’, you will make progress and see the kind of results that will renew your sense of trust in Self, and ultimately in Life itself.


Cancer and any other ‘hereditary illnesses’, poverty, lack of love, lack of self-direction, lack of ambition are all programs, programs that can be cleared for good.


Everything is possible,  


Your DNA is imprinted with greatness, so the only question is:


ImageWill you allow it to shine forth?


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