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People come to me for help with:


Long standing physical issues and pain

Overwhelming stress

Grief and loss


Gaining clarity about direction in life and difficult choices

Feeling disconnected

Guilt and shame


Fear of change and other life challenges


What it all boils down to is:






Does that sound like you?


It’s not surprising. What an amazing time we are living in. Stress is at an all time high (some experts call it an epidemic; the silent killer) manifesting in countless physical, emotional and mental challenges, sometimes so overwhelming it seems insurmountable.


It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to suffer!


My Healing Arts Practice


I choose to work with people who take an active role in their personal healing and are committed to their awakening.


I am not interested in ‘doing’ something ‘to’ you. My passion is to support you in your empowerment, your flowering into a dynamic, whole, integrated being in love with yourself and all life.


I use a combination of Energy Medicine protocols such as Meridian Tapping, Bach Flower Remedies, Sound, Reiki, etc, as well as Mindful Awareness and Active Imagination, depending on your situation.


These techniques will dramatically reduce stress in your body and can gracefully and gently uncover the root cause of so many issues, oftentimes hidden in the subconsious, and safely neutralize the charge, restoring harmony, clarity and peace of mind.


Ultimately our goal is to reawaken your connection to your true self, your inner compass (you’ve never not been connected, it just seemed you were disconnected or separate). Here is where all the answers reside awaiting your return, where your freedom and happiness always were and always will be, regardless of your issues or challenges.


Check in with yourself. You’ll know if I am the right person to support you at this time in your life. If you would like to connect, send me an email at and I can provide more information about myself and my work.


If you have internet we can connect wherever you are in the world! Most of my work is done via Skype or phone.


Infinite blessings for your freedom!


Louise SaintOnge

Live Your Life With All Your Heart and Soul!!!