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Family Group Video Skype Readings

Why not share a Family Video Reading over Skype!!


Your family can enjoy a reading in the comfort of their own homes, from anywhere around the world. (Access to internet required)


The Family Skype sessions can be for between 2 & 6 people sharing the reading. Groups need to be from the same related family.


Cost:                                               Session Length


2 People    £65:00 each                   60 minutes  

3 People    £50.00 each                   60 minutes

4 People    £50.00 each                   75 minutes

5 People    £50.00 each                   90 minutes

6 People    £45.00 each                   90 minutes


How to Book


To book a Family Group Skype session please email Keith at

requesting your interest to book.



Terms & Conditions


•The group organiser will be required to confirm numbers and provide Skype & Email address

for the group a minimum of 7 days before the session.

•Keith will Skype all the party to connect and formulate a Skype group ready for the day

•Keith will send PayPal requests to either the group organiser or each individual member of the group – payments need to be paid a minimum of 72 hours prior to the event.

•In the event that someone cancels from the party after payments has been made, the other group members will have to pay the extra difference in the price, or the person will only receive part refund to compensate.

•If anyone in the group is not familiar with Skype, Keith can send details on how to set an account and send some information how it works.

•It is each individual’s responsibility to available at the time of the session and answer the Skype call.


On the Day


* Susan will initiate the call on the day and time of your event.


If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact Keith on

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